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    IRCRA was founded by Mr. Murali Kannadhason & Mr. Ajo Joseph.,

This association is for everyone who owns a Radio Controlled (RC) car & for all those who love to own one.
RC car hobby is now an emerging sport in India and every year there are new tracks opening to cater to the needs of this hobby. We at IRCRA will create an opportunity for all RC car enthusiasts and hobbyists to get what they are looking for in this RC car hobby.

The main aim of this association is to bring all RC car drivers together. This association will give frank opinions and hands on experience on all brands of cars and it is committed to delivering quality information to its members.
Some of the topics that will be discussed in this group are:

1.       Knowledge about driving skills

2.       Car setup for various tracks

3.       Engine tuning

4.       Must haves for this hobby

5.       The Do's and Don'ts about RC cars.

6.       Information about Races/Events happening in India for RC cars in specific.

7.       Information on RC enthusiasts meet up point.

8.       Information regarding spares support.

9.       Advices on Troubleshooting with your car.

10. Information about new tracks and facilities opening up and operating throughout India with track layout.
The club's main motive is to share and care for fellow enthusiasts through which the entire hobby could nurture into an advanced sport and make the hobby easier for new entrants.
Every member should help each other to make this hobby a desirable sport.

The members will have with them an entire list of all the RC car owners registered with the association and thus this will facilitate the ease of locating fellow hobbyists in their own city.
The association will list out all the hobby stores in India and update the group about their new products. This group will make it much easier for the enthusiasts to locate the car parts they are looking out for.

Join the Association and experience the adrenal rush! Happy racing and have fun bashing!!!
Remember... Helping each other is best way to keep this hobby growing!!!

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